“NEON in Boulogne-sur-Mer”

In the beginning of June 2024, we spent a week in Boulogne sur Mer working on the Shiver House project for MECOP.

Earlier in the spring we had made most of the petals in our studio in Berwick-upon-Tweed in the UK.

When we arrived in Boulogne we finished making the petals and then we assembled them into rods that were then installed in the frame of the Shiver House.

We also had workshops with the children and the staff of MECOP during which we shared pictures and videos of our work, especially the Shiver House. We really enjoyed the workshops and the conversations we had with everyone. We hope everyone can enjoy spending time with this project, observing the way it moves and having a mindful moment to yourself.

Mark & Viliina, NEON

(Texte et images de Mark et Viliina, architecte et artiste de la résidence art/science 2024 “Maison qui frissonne“).